About CC:SS

CC:SS is Cape Cod’s newest education destination for audio training programs.

  • Learn proper recording techniques
  • How to mix or master your music
  • Production sound mixing for film and television
  • Surround sound and Immersive 3D audio mixing
  • Live sound reinforcement
  • Or just keep up with the latest technology

CC:SS has the knowledge and training capacity to immerse and advance you into today’s world of audio. CC:SS offers training as…

  • Private 1-on-1 lessons
  • Specialty workshops/seminars
  • Groups of 3 or more
  • Virtually…Skype or FaceTime!

From classroom to web, basic to advanced, we approach training from a global perspective. We have partnered with area organizations to be able to bring training sessions to audio students across Cape Cod to Boston. We even utilize Skype, Facetime, and JamKazam to bring the training to you ANYWHERE, you have a reliable internet connection! Our local partners include Cape Cod Community Media Center (capemedia.org) and the Cultural Center of Cape Cod (http://www.cultural-center.org/night-owl-recordings).

Lessons are open to ages 13 and older (where noted) and we limit class sizes for more hands on training.

For class listings Workshop Calendar

Private instruction and Group instruction available

Workshops/Seminars – Half and Full Day offered